What Spine Conditions Can We Help You With?

Spine conditions can be very painful. WHen your back and neck hurt, your life is disrupted. When over-the-counter medicine just isn’t doing enough to relieve your pain and it becomes too much to bear, it might be a good time to visit a Chiropractor like Dr. Cosmas Leigh. The knowledgeable and friendly team at Leigh Brain & Spine make it a priority that your pain relief needs are met and all your concerns are addressed prior to the treatment. Our treatment’s are non-medical and are completed with the utmost care to ensure your safety and comfort. At Leigh Brain & Spine, we work to create customized treatment plans to address your specific chiropractic conditions.

There are many different kinds of pains and aches that can be relieved with a Chiropractic Physician. Below is a list of some of the chiropractic conditions Dr. Leigh has been helping patients heal from for the last 20 years with only the latest state-of-the-art technology.