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Conquer ADHD & Anxiety At Home.

Re-wire Your Brain for Better Focus and Less Stress.

With our neurofeedback at home, there is no need to travel or schedule appointments anymore. Believe it or not, our state-of-the-art In-Office Neurofeedback program is now available at home. You will receive the same amount of care and assistance from our doctors and team in the comfort of your home. Your equipment is shipped directly to you and we do it FAST. This way you can get started right away. We help children and adults. The doctors at Leigh Brain & Spine can help you overcome your challenges and reach your full potential from home with their At-Home Neurofeedback Program. Our satisfying results will leave you thinking there is nothing better than receiving neurofeedback therapy at home.

How Does Home Neurofeedback Improve Symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety, and other Brain-based Challenges?

ADHD and anxiety are known to be caused by dysfunction of the brain. Essentially, there is an optimal brain pattern for calm-focus and peak performance. This has been discovered by science using EEG technology. Hence, many different irregular brain patterns cause symptoms of different disorders. The irregular patterns impact your behavior. Some patterns cause feelings of anxiousness and others make it hard to focus. For information on the specific brain performance patterns visit the individual pages of our website for an example of each. Check the brain performance pattern for ADHD, anxiety brain patterns.

Neurofeedback is a relaxing, engaging, non-invasive, medication-free treatment that helps you strengthen and retrain your brain to achieve a healthier, more focused, and relaxed state. To help balance and optimize your brain, neurofeedback uses advanced computer technology to assess the use of brain speeds and activity in real-time.

Brain speeds are made up of the rhythmical electrical impulses generated when the millions of neurons in your brain communicate with each other. Thus, performance patterns in the brain can reveal important information about your overall brain function, including the ability to focus, stress levels, thought patterns, and emotions.

Why Choose Leigh Brain & Spine for Home Neurofeedback?

Leigh Brain & Spine, the triangle area leader in highly advanced Neurofeedback training, has helped thousands of people improve their focus, mood, sleep, stress, and memory at its Neurofeedback brain performance center in Chapel Hill, NC. Now the program once available only at the state-of-the-art center is available to you, at home.

Focus. Mood. Stress. Sleep. Memory & More.

Through Neurofeedback “Brain Training” and On-line Neurocoaching with Dr. Trish Leigh, Ph.D., BCN, the Brain Shift Program is a convenient at-home program that allows you to strengthen your brain on your schedule. This program offers you so much more than just Neurofeedback.

3 Easy Steps in the Brain Shift Home Neurofeedback Program

  1. We start with an assessment to gain a better understanding of how your brain performance is contributing to your lack of focus, sleep issues, stress, and more. We analyze the information your brain gives us to develop a personalized Brain Shift Home Neurofeedback training program.
  2. Then, using our advanced Brain Shift on-line training Neurofeedback platform, you will get all the training and support you need to achieve a stronger, better brain.
  3. Monthly check-ins with your personal Neurocoach will assure you that you are on the right track to achieving the brain performance you need to feel and perform better.

Why Home Neurofeedback Training?

Home Neurofeedback Training is becoming increasingly necessary as more and more people suffer from brain-based challenges. Being able to do as many Neurofeedback sessions in your home with guidance and progress tracking from a trained professional can create big success in a shorter period of time. This is what is needed to get control of your brain quickly to improve your quality of life.

Safe, Effective, Non-Invasive

This safe, non-invasive technology is easy to operate.  You’ll be up and running your first session in 15 minutes. Also, it is easy for kids to use too. We have neurofeedback doctors and expert technicians available to answer your questions during your program. On a regular basis, the doctors at Leigh Brain & Spine will analyze your progress using state-of-the-art training graphs. Also, they will give you regular updates. This is a professional, remote system with doctor guidance.

How Does Home Neurofeedback Work?

It is very easy, and incredibly effective. Once signed up for your program, you receive your home Neurofeedback system from Leigh Brain & Spine. It includes an EEG headband and an external sensor to run your sessions from your phone or tablet. The equipment is yours to keep, thus it is a rent-to-own program.

Our Home Neurofeedback system comes programmed specifically for you and the needs of your brain. This creates fast and effective results. The doctors at Leigh Brain & Spine can set your training program specific to your needs based upon your qEEG Brain Map. As a personalized and individualized training program, this is not a “plug and play” system with only one setting. Thus, it is more specific to your needs and can help you reach your goals easier and faster. With high levels of care, our skilled team monitor your progress using the clinician’s dashboard and give you frequent updates on your training. Using this information, your training sessions can be modified for the strongest results in the least amount of time.

Use Your Screen Time to Improve Your Brain and Life.

You receive a Neurofeedback headband, equipment, and access to an app. That’s how we read your brain performance. The subconscious feedback to your brain can be delivered within the app through video games or YouTube videos you already enjoy. It’s that easy!

All of your data is show to you within the app. You can see your progress in real-time. Your Neurocoach will share with you even more information  so you can see your progress for yourself. Most importantly, you will feel it.

Who Can Benefit from Home Neurofeedback Therapy?

Science proves that Neurofeedback helps reduce the neurological causes and symptoms of a wide variety of challenges that people experience including ADHDAnxietyconcussions, and many other disorders.

Home Neurofeedback teaches the brain, through daily practice, to produce more of the optimal pattern and less of the irregular pattern the person has been using. Over time, with practice, the new optimal brain pattern will stick. In this way new, long-lasting neural pathways are created, and the old pathways will no longer function. In this way, Home neurofeedback has been proven by Science to have long-lasting positive effects.

Is Neurofeedback Brain Training safe?

Yes. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive technique which helps a person learn how to control, or self-regulate, their brain waves. The headset is simply used to listen to and record the brainwaves, it doesn’t transmit or otherwise put anything in the brain. Through the process of simply wearing the headset and playing the games and watching videos, the brain will teach itself to better regulate its activities.

What is the evidence behind Neurofeedback Training?

Neurofeedback was first discovered in the 1950’s as a form of operant conditioning, in which the brain changes its activities as a result of positive or negative feedback. In fact it is so effective that the American Academy of Pediatrics rated neurofeedback as a Level 1 “Best Support” Intervention for ADHD in 2012. This is highest possible rating and at the same level as medication treatment and behavioral therapy. Recent studies prove Neurofeedback has longer lasting positive effects than medication and other behavioral therapies. Check out the Science HERE.

The Benefits of Home Neurofeedback with the Brain Shift Program

Home neurofeedback is a great option for those who cannot get in to the office as much asa they would like. It is most beneficial when added to a professional in-office treatment program as an extension of care. But, many people commit to training their brain at home and succeed. The benefits include:

  • Use a neurofeedback system for the most affordable price per session.
  • Train your brain as much and as often as you want.
  • Everyone in your household can use the system.
  • Set your own schedule – whether it’s the first thing in the morning, or right before you go to bed, use the neurofeedback system whenever you want.

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What Our Clients Say

I’ve used neurofeedback at home with guidance from Dr. Leigh for 5 months for anxiety symptoms – training 3 times a week. I’m noticeably more comfortable in personal and professional situations. I am so glad to have found a solution that has truly helped me after trying so many other treatments for such a long time. Becoming frustrated and hopeless felt terrible. Now I feel armed with the proper tools to get myself back to where I want to be. As such, I am so glad that I chose to use the rent-to-own home program. Thanks! ?



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