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Auto Accident Injury and Car Crashes

If you have been injured in an auto accident in the Chapel Hill – Durham area, then you know the trouble it can cause. Your life can go from ordinary and wonderful to painful and debilitating. A Motor Vehicle Accident, also known as an MVA, can have major consequences in the short and long run. In fact, the long-term consequences on the quality of your life can follow you if you do not take it seriously when it happens.

What doctor do I go to if I was in a car accident?

If you or someone you care about have been injured in an auto accident or car wreck recently, then you need to see the most highly trained healthcare professionals as soon as possible. A skilled doctor can take care of your needs. He will help you to try to make sure the affected parts of your body are not seriously or permanently injured.

The crucial parts of your body that are often injured in a car accident are within your nervous system. These are your brain, spine, spinal cord, and nerves. A Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic is the most appropriate medical professional to assess your body if you suffer from back pain and neck pain after being hurt in the car accident. If you hit your head and are suffering from headachesmemory loss, or difficulty focusing, you need a different service to help you get well. A Neurofeedback Doctor who specializes in brain functioning can assess your brain’s performance. The doctor can see if it has been injured in the accident and then help it heal back to its original state.

The most common type of auto injury people suffer from is Whiplash. This type of injury usually involves harm to the spinal segments and muscles in the neck and back. Sometimes injury to the brain can lead to concussion. A comprehensive spine and brain evaluation can tell if you sustained long-term injuries. You might not even be aware of the internal injuries from the motor vehicle accident until later in your recovery. Finding proper care following an accident is very important for your current health and especially your future well-being.

How do I know if I should see a doctor after my car accident?

Pain is the number one reason you should see a doctor following a car accident. If some part of your body hurts, it is a warning single that an injury has occurred.

Many different variables can affect how much you are hurt in a car accident. These parameters include the speed of your car and the other cars, if there are others. The size of your vehicle, the position of your headrest and your seat, whether you braced for impact or not, the position of your seatbelt at the time of impact.

Also, it is important to remember that the degree of the collision does not always determine the severity of the resulting injuries. Even minor accidents have caused severe damage to the brain, spine, nervous system, and other bodily systems.

Although most people are aware of the cuts and bruises they have suffered from following an automobile accident, many are unaware of the larger and more detrimental injuries within their bodies. These injuries to their spine and nervous system can have longer-lasting negative effects. Therefore, if you have been in an accident it is important that you undergo a complete comprehensive evaluation as soon as possible.

What causes pain after a car accident?

Spinal Joint Dysfunction occurs when one or more bones in the spinal column are out of place, blocking the flow of the nerves that run through their path. In the case of an accident, the dysfunction is created with force. This can cause even bigger problems with your muscles and tissues that are innervated by the nerves that are affected. This can be painful and create a great deal of discomfort in the body that can be long-lasting if not treated.

Once your spinal column is aligned and the nerves are allowed to work properly, your muscles, tissues, and organs will feel better, faster. This way you will no longer suffer from pain and discomfort and can get back to enjoying your life.

Our drug-free approach identifies the dysfunctional spinal joints and then aligns them improving how you feel and perform. All your daily activities can be done with no pain. This leads to a more successful and fulfilling life.

Why Choose Leigh Brain & Spine if you have been in a Car Accident?

Car accidents are different than other injuries and you need doctors that know how to care for you following a car injury. Dr. Cosmas Leigh has been helping people recover from auto injuries for almost 25 years. He has read thousands of x-rays and MRIs and not only is Dr. Leigh highly trained he is also highly experienced in identifying the injuries that can ruin your life if not treated. Once he evaluates your injuries, he knows exactly how to help you feel better faster and stay better longer.

The doctors use state-of-the-art qEEG Brain Mapping technology to identify brain functioning problems that may result from your auto injury. If you have hit your head in a car accident you may suffer from a brain injury that can result in headaches, memory loss, difficulty thinking, and eventually personality changes and mental health issues. It is important to have your brain functioning examined to make sure it is healthy and can help you prosper throughout the rest of your life.

With almost 25 years experience, Dr. Leigh is poised to help you recover quickly from a car accident and get you back to living at your full potential. Why not choose Leigh Brain & Spine for your auto accident care?

Spine Conditions

Chiropractors FAQ

Do Chiropractors adjust all patients the same way?

No. The chiropractor evaluates each patient’s unique spinal problem and develops an individual course of care. In fact, there are many different chiropractic techniques and the chiropractor will decide which is best for each patient. The recommendations made by a chiropractor are based upon years of training and experience. Each patient’s care is uniquely different from every other patient.

Can a person who had back surgery see a chiropractor?

Yes. It’s an unfortunate fact that up to half of those who had spinal surgery discover a return of their original symptoms months or years later. They then face the prospect of additional surgery. This too common occurrence is known as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.” Chiropractors may help prevent repeated back surgeries. In fact, if chiropractic care is initially utilized back surgery can often be avoided in the first place. Some chiropractors specialize in serving those people who have had previous back surgeries and are still in pain. Spinal Decompression Therapy can be the most effective course of treatment for such a person.

Can I adjust myself?

No. Since a chiropractic adjustment is a specific force, applied in a specific direction to a specific joint, it is virtually impossible to adjust oneself correctly and accurately. It is possible to turn or bend or twist in certain ways to create a “popping” sound that sometimes accompanies a chiropractic adjustment. Unfortunately, this type of joint manipulation is usually counterproductive, often making an already unstable spine even more unstable, and can sometimes be dangerous. Adjusting the spine is not for amateurs.

Can I tell if my spine is out of alignment?

Not always. A misalignment is like a dental cavity–you may have it for a long time before symptoms appear. That’s why periodic spinal checkups are so important. Although it may be possible to know you have a misalignment, it is rarely possible to be sure you don’t. Regular spinal checkups are always a good idea, and they promote good health from the inside out.

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