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Suffer from Golf Pain? Want to Improve Golf Swing?

Many golfers suffer from back and neck pain. Because of the pain, their game suffers too. Not anymore.

Many golfers have heard that their swing is suffering and most have looked online for quick tips for a better golf swing. According to list of 10 Best Swing Tips Ever, eight of the ten tips have to do with the alignment of your spine, your posture, your arm and hand positioning, and your power.

Guess what controls all of those issues. Your spine. Power comes from the body, not the arm. Any good golfer knows that. Weakness in the body can be caused by a spinal nerve or nerves being pinched or blocked and not firing at the proper power. When your spine is aligned the nerves are allowed to flow freely sending all the messages to and from your brain smoothly. What does this mean for you? An awesome golf game.
After winning a Master’s tournament, Jordan Spieth, in his victory speech, thanked the four most important members of his team: his swing coach, trainer, caddie, and chiropractor.

If you want to play like a champion call Dr. Cosmas Leigh at Leigh Brain & Spine. Dr. Leigh is an avid, and excellent, golfer who uses his own professional techniques and strategies to improve his game and he will do the same for you.

“Chiropractic and Golf — A Winning Combination”

Mark Crawford said it best, in his article for the American Chiropractic Association: “Many golfers feel the psychological component of golf is their greatest challenge and undervalue the biomechanics and conditioning that are required to play the game well. This is a mistake that eventually leads to poor play or injury. An extreme amount of compressive force – up to 10 times a person’s body weight – is exerted on the spine during the golf swing. Every joint involved in the swing is taken through its maximum range. If the body is not properly prepared to handle these forces, an injury will eventually result.

Another common complaint is back pain, the result of an inefficient golf swing that creates too much stress on the back. According to Troy Van Biezen, DC, a Dallas-based chiropractic physician who works with professional golfers, four out of five golfers experience back pain as a result of repetitive swinging. “Regular chiropractic care helps alleviate back pain and greatly improves an athlete’s game,” says Dr. Van Biezen. “Neck, shoulder, elbow and hip pain are also frequent complaints among golfers of all ages. Chiropractic care is an effective non-pharmacologic solution for golfers who seek to rid themselves of pain and have a successful and enjoyable game.”

Spine Conditions

Chiropractors FAQ

Do Chiropractors adjust all patients the same way?

No. The chiropractor evaluates each patient’s unique spinal problem and develops an individual course of care. In fact, there are many different chiropractic techniques and the chiropractor will decide which is best for each patient. The recommendations made by a chiropractor are based upon years of training and experience. Each patient’s care is uniquely different from every other patient.

Can a person who had back surgery see a chiropractor?

Yes. It’s an unfortunate fact that up to half of those who had spinal surgery discover a return of their original symptoms months or years later. They then face the prospect of additional surgery. This too common occurrence is known as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.” Chiropractors may help prevent repeated back surgeries. In fact, if chiropractic care is initially utilized back surgery can often be avoided in the first place. Some chiropractors specialize in serving those people who have had previous back surgeries and are still in pain. Spinal Decompression Therapy can be the most effective course of treatment for such a person.

Can I adjust myself?

No. Since a chiropractic adjustment is a specific force, applied in a specific direction to a specific joint, it is virtually impossible to adjust oneself correctly and accurately. It is possible to turn or bend or twist in certain ways to create a “popping” sound that sometimes accompanies a chiropractic adjustment. Unfortunately, this type of joint manipulation is usually counterproductive, often making an already unstable spine even more unstable, and can sometimes be dangerous. Adjusting the spine is not for amateurs.

Can I tell if my spine is out of alignment?

Not always. A misalignment is like a dental cavity–you may have it for a long time before symptoms appear. That’s why periodic spinal checkups are so important. Although it may be possible to know you have a misalignment, it is rarely possible to be sure you don’t. Regular spinal checkups are always a good idea, and they promote good health from the inside out.

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About Dr. Cosmas Leigh

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Cosmas Leigh, D.C. is a pioneer in Spinal Decompression to treat spinal stenosis, herniated discs, bulging discs, and disc degeneration. Dr. Leigh was the first in his region to include the state-of-the-art DRX 9000c Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression system to his practice to reduce pain and restore function for people of all ages.