Can Chiropractors Treat Children?

chiropractor services for kids

Back pain is not just a matter of aging. Children are not exempt from back pain. Many might experience back and neck pain because of their daily activities, such as sitting in the same position for too long during homework time or looking down for too long at their tablets. This can cause the spine to compress and lead to chronic pain later on in life, which will affect their posture, strength, and endurance levels greatly. 

It’s best to start early with visits to a child chiropractor so that specialists can teach them how to position their body correctly while doing activities like schoolwork or playing sports.

In The Hands Of Experts

Remember that when you hire reliable chiropractic services, you’re putting your child’s delicate joints and spine in the hands of experts who have done all the research and approved all the studies to treat your children in the safest way possible. Chiropractic services are so safe that even infants can receive them!

Positive Results Are Guaranteed

In numerous studies, chiropractic therapy is an efficient treatment approach for various childhood issues that go beyond just pain relief. As your child grows, chiropractic therapy can help maintain the joints, muscles, and nerves in balance, ensuring strong brain and nervous system connections.

Kids that have suffered from a fall or been in an accident can benefit from this therapy. It is easy to think that they have a higher pain tolerance than adults; however, injuries can result in chronic conditions later in life if not treated appropriately. Disc misalignment and nerve compression are just as common in children as in adults, so taking them to a professional chiropractor is better.

Additional Benefits

Other than pain relief and spine alignment, you can get many more benefits for your children when you visit a chiropractor, such as:

  • Improved Sleeping
  • Improved Behavior and Attitude
  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved Immune System
  • Improved Digestion, Fewer Food Allergies
  • Fewer Bedwetting Incidents
  • Fewer Ear Infections and Sinus Congestion

Do Children Get Treated As Adults?

The basic premise of the procedure is the same for kids and adults; however, the amount of pressure and treatment protocol can vary. For example, chiropractic therapy on an infant requires just as much pressure as testing tomatoes in the supermarket. Another difference is that kids tend to respond much quicker to the treatment than adults due to their fast-growing bodies and don’t require the same amount of care for pain. 

Find The Best Chiropractor In Chapel Hill

The best pediatric chiropractor is in Chapel Hill, NC! Dr. Cosmas Leigh has been helping children with a wide variety of health challenges at Leigh Brain and Spine for years. Our Chiropractic Center exclusively owns the DRX9000C™, a spinal decompression device that’s non-invasive and provides fast relief from many conditions, including very common issues in children such as scoliosis or torticollis (wry neck). 

Remember! It is never too early for a chiropractic consultation. Avoid unpleasant surprises and schedule a consultation today.