Rough Start Back to School? Want to Improve Focus & Anxiety?

Turn the Year Around QUICK with this Free Webinar

Dr. Trish Leigh faciliates

Monday, September 23rd

7:00 PM

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If your family has had a struggle going back to school then Dr. Trish can help. Tough time in the morning and with the homework routine. Teacher phone calls or emails. Then sign up NOW. It’s Free.

This On-line workshop will give you the tools to improve focus and decrease stress to make back-to-school easier for everyone in your family, especially you.

Dr. Trish Leigh will teach you about the brain performance pattern that causes ADHD and Anxiety in an easy and interesting way. Then she will share with you how you can optimize those patterns to rid yourself of the daily struggles. Before she wraps up Dr. Leigh will answer all your questions on how to turn this school year around fast for Success.

In this On-Line Workshop you will learn:

  1. The brain pattern that causes ADHD and Anxiety.
  2. How to improve the pattern to get rid of symptoms for good using Neurofeedback Therapy and more.
  3. How to turn the school year around QUICK for Success.

Stop Surviving with ADHD & Anxiety and Start Thriving.


How Do I Join the Webinar?

When you sign up, you will receive an invitation to the online meeting, called Zoom, the day before the webinar. At the meeting time you click the link from your email and you are in. Dr. Trish will be live to present to you and answer questions. Call 919-401-9933 if you have questions or would like more information.

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