What ADHD Does to the Brain

ADHD Brain Speed

First of all, ADHD doesn’t do anything to the brain. However, what happens is the brain creates ADHD. So this is how it works, our brains have five main processing speeds that they use throughout the day to get us in the states that we need to complete certain tasks. Continue reading to learn more about ADHD Brain Speed and how to help someone with ADHD.

Normal Brain Speed and Function

For example, at night our brain creates more slow processing speed or Theta. Then when we get in bed it moves into Delta to keep us asleep, and that’s extra slow speed. Now after we’ve gotten eight hours of sleep, we wake up and we’re groggy Theta. Then we have coffee and breakfast so we’re now in medium speed Alfa. Now it’s time to go to school and kick it into a calm focus drive. That is called low Beta, the perfect speed for focus. 

If something stressful happens it kicks us into overdrive or extra fast speed. High Beta is created so we can deal with that stressful event, then it comes back down to low Beta so we can keep working. 

Watch the video I made for a quick explanation and keep reading below to learn more about the topic.

ADHD Brain Speed and Function

Now for people with ADHD, their brain is making excessive Theta all day long. Their brain is stuck in Theta. So the way that I think about it is that if your brain is moving between the states you need it to seamlessly it’s similar to an automatic transmission in your car. If you have ADHD it more like a manual transmission that’s stuck in slow gear. 

So if the brain is stuck in slow gear when its time to kick it into focus using a little bit of that faster speed the brain is not able to do so. Therefore, it becomes difficult to focus or you may become more distracted. Where this typically happens is in the frontal lobe, so executive function skills like planning and organizing. Impulse control and function skills are not preformed well because the brain is running too slow. 

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How to Overcome ADHD Symptoms 

The way to overcome ADHD symptoms is by having a qEEG Brain Map performed to see how your brain is operating during the day. Once you know that your brain is making to much Theta, then Neurofeedback Brain Training can be used to teach your brain to make more of the fast calm focus speed. Then less and less Theta used during the day. 

This allows you to sleep better and use the correct brain speeds when you’re supposed to. Making your brain performance better than ever before.

More Information

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