Simple Steps to Recover from a Car Accident as Fast as Possible

Been in a car wreck or accident lately? Possibly just a fender bender at low speeds. Car accidents are the number one reason that people get whiplash injuries that can cause them pain, limited movement and substantial decrease in quality of life for a long time if not properly treated.

So be sure to read these 3 Simple Steps to Recover From a Car Accident Quickly so you do not needlessly suffer.

Don’t Wait.

Ok, I know this sounds simple, but the fact of the matter is so many people wait longer than they should before seeking chiropractic care. I guess they are proving to themselves that they are “hurt enough” to need care. There is no need to wait. Even if you only have a little bit of pain, the doctor can tell through his examination, including X-rays, if you are injured or not, and the quicker a problem is addressed, the faster and easier recovery is. So don’t wait, get help right away after being in an accident. If it ends up being a check-up with no treatment, you will count yourself lucky.

Knowledge is Power so Become Educated.

Some people experience the symptoms of Whiplash immediately, such as pain, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, and lost range of motion in the neck, shoulder, arm, or back, so they do not have to guess if they have been injured. However, others suffer from low-grade stiffness and pain. It seems, at first glance, that there really isn’t that big of an injury, but if left untreated the injury changes the way your body functions making it worse and worse over time. It is important to get yourself checked out by a Chiropractor to see if your body has sustained an injury and if so treat it. When your spine is aligned, your muscles and organs are free to heal without interference. Check out our Whiplash page for more signs and symptoms of Whiplash and how you can help yourself just after your accident.

Have Your Brain Checked Too.

So many times, after a car accident people focus on the physical, external injuries and completely forget to make sure their internal supercomputer, the brain, has not had any blips in the circuitry. qEEG Brain Mapping can show you if your brain has sustained functional damage following a car accident. Especially is you know you hit your head, you should have your brain evaluated. Many long-term problems can be avoided by this simple, non-invasive evaluation. In our office we have so many people who regret losing years of their life to a head injury that could have been evaluated and treated to avoid all those problems. Check out our Concussion Recovery Time Page to see how you can speed up your healing after hitting your head. Now… go back and read step number, it is crucial that you Don’t Wait. Get Help Now! You will be so glad that you did.

Finally… One of the most common, yet impactful, car accident injuries is a damaged disc. This is most often a herniated disc or a bulged disc. All disc injuries should be taken seriously and require chiropractic care. Our practice in Chapel Hill, NC treats herniated and bulged discs, so that you can get back on the road to recovery! Give Dr. Cosmas Leigh a call at (919) 401-9933.