Conquer ADHD, Anxiety, & More

So What exactly what does it mean to Harness Your Brain?

Harness Your Brain is a self-study educational program designed to teach you, step-by-step, how to make your brain work better to conquer ADHD, anxiety & perform your best! In this course you will learn about many of the drug-free, brain-based treatments that are proven by science to improve focus and anxiety for good. If you want to know all about cutting-edge resources that are available to you right now, this is the course for you! You also get lots of DIY strategies and resources to get you rockin’ immediately.

Harness Your Brain Curriculum

Part 1

In Part 1, which is made up of Modules 1 and 2, you will learn how your brain works in an easy and understandable way that most people find fascinating and have never heard of. Then you will learn what has gone awry if your brain is struggling with ADHD or suffering from anxiety. The relevance of brain functioning and how it rolls over into your behaviors will become crystal clear, you will finally get why you act certain ways if your brain is performing in a mode of ADHD or Anxiety. Once you understand your brain, we will move on to part two.
Module 1: How Your Brain Works
  • How your brain controls your body & your mind.
  • Neurological Regulation: Regulated vs. Dysregulated & how to achieve Self-Regulation.
Module 2: What Causes ADHD, Anxiety, & More.
  • Neurological Dysregulation and how it can affect you.
  • qEEG Brain Mapping: How it works and what it allows us to know.
  • Brain Patterns for ADHD, Anxiety, Head Injury, Memory Loss, and more.
  • Peak Performance Brain Pattern for best focus, performance & stress levels, and how to get  it.
  • Causes of Neurological Dysregulation revealed.

Part 2

In Part 2, three entire modules will be dedicated to teaching you what you can do to get your brain (and life) back on track and keep it there. First, you will learn how to get your brain in tip-top shape with specific techniques and strategies, ranging from those that are professional, cutting-edge and state-of-the-art to those that are easy, do-it-yourself ideas for home. You will learn a little bit about the research behind each and how effective they really are. Then, in this techno-frenzied world, you will learn how to save your brain from the terrible effects of electronics and lastly how to feed your mind brain-boosting thoughts to create lasting, permanent change, so you can live the awesome life you deserve.

Module 3: How to Get Your Brain Performing at its Best
  • Regulating a Dysregulated Brain: Where to start to make sure you are successful.
  • Expert Treatments for Neurological Regulation: Find out about the best treatments out there for ADHD, Anxiety & More. Cutting-edge and state-of-the-art brain-based techniques, proven effective by science.
  • DIY Neurological Regulation Strategies: Full range of do-it-yourself techniques and strategies that involve products and apps that you can purchase yourself (most very inexpensively) or just using your body & mind (for FREE).
Module 4: Save your Brain from Electronics
  • How screens affect your brain and your life, the startling consequences (and research support).
  • Wired & Tired from your screen: Yikes… how to combat it.
  • Impact of electronics on Obsessive Compulsive behaviors, Attention, Sensory Overload, Addictions, Social Skills, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Depression, Sleep Problems, and More, Oh No! #1 Strategy to make a huge difference while still enjoying your computer, phone, etc. It’s not rocket-science, but man is it effective.
Module 5: Positive Mind Diet for Permanent Change
  • Positive Psychology: What is it and how does it work?
  • Why a Brain-Boosting Mind Diet?
  • Happiness: What is it and how can you achieve it, and how it will help your brain?

Why Harness Your Brain?

Well, you have probably already figured out that most of the fixes that are out there are not permanent or have terrible side effects and are proven to be harmful over the long run (medication, I’m talking to you!). What’s the Key? Knowing. Knowledge is Power. Once you know how your brain works… and especially once you know how to make it work better and all the amazing resource available to you, you truly have the key to solve your own challenges, for good!


#1 Get Started Immediately

Once you receive your log in information to Harness Your Brain you can start right away. Login and you have key in hand. Five glorious modules filled with information, knowledge, activities, reading suggestions, and more. You can download all the materials and keep them forever. You can dig in right in and get started harnessing your brain power.

#2 Always Available to You and Constantly Updated

You can take your time moving through the modules or you can plow through and come back and go over them as much as you like. You can keep coming back without worry that you need to download it all immediately. In fact, we want you back often to join our discussion on the chat board.

#3 Network of Brain Harnessers

Did you know that people with coaches are 65% more successful in accomplishing their goals than those without coaches? It’s true. One thing successful people have is support! Via our discussion board, you’ll want to stay in the loop with Dr. Leigh, other guest professionals and brain harnessers for stimulating, thought-provoking ideas, techniques and suggestions and of course help when you need it. Don’t forget you can join us just for fun too.

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 Tips & Routines to Keep Your Brain Regulated for Good & Neuroplasticity Understood, we just can’t stop ourselves!

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How Harness Your Brain came about.

Dr. Trish has been teaching bits and pieces of this program in conference rooms across the country for years. In her practice at Leigh Brain & Spine, she has anecdotally been giving these tips and strategies to people to change their lives. This formal, comprehensive, engaging and fun program came about as Dr. Trish realized that this program, in and of itself, could help so many people without them having to come into her office. As a long-time respected university professor, Dr. Trish has the uncanny ability to deliver difficult information in easy and relevant ways so that you can have the take-aways needed to change your life.


About Leigh Brain & Spine.

Leigh Brain & Spine is a family practice that brings the concept of local health care to a whole new level. It is what make’s living in Chapel Hill one of the treasures of North Carolina. Chiropractor, Dr. Cosmas Leigh and Brain Health Educator, Dr. Trish Leigh have been married for a lifetime and have six children ranging in age from 26 to 8. So they not only understand your family needs but in many cases have lived through your issues while raising their family.

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