Should a Child Go to a Children’s Chiropractor?

Taking your child to a children’s chiropractor twice a year for a routine check-up should be a natural part of their health-care routine. A child’s spine grows rapidly during the childhood development stage and making sure it is growing in a healthy way can be an important part of overall health and physical development. A family chiropractor can set your children on a lifelong path to good health. A chiropractic check-up by a highly rated children’s chiropractor, like Dr. Leigh, will ensure that your child’s spine and nervous system is working well. Dr. Leigh will make sure your child’s spine is functioning properly by checking for misalignments called spinal subluxations that can impinge nerves and affect organs, such as the stomach for digestion.


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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

Children can be under a lot of stress nowadays with the demands of an over scheduled life, including social media, homework, after-school commitments, and lack of sleep. Working with a children’s chiropractor can help to keep their bodies balanced and working optimally.

The nervous system controls and coordinates everything that a child’s growing body does, so any type of interference to the system can result in a myriad of health concerns. Realigning the child’s spine will take off the pressure and help the spine and muscles relax. This can help your child function better physically and mentally.

If your family chiropractor checks your child’s back and finds spinal subluxations, chiropractic adjustments will be modified to your child’s size, weight, and condition. Using a highly trained and qualified children’s chiropractor, like Dr. Leigh, will ensure a gentle, effective approach which offers these benefits:

  • Improved Sleeping
  • Improved Behavior and Attitude
  • Improved Concentration
  • Improved Immune System
  • Improved Digestion, Less Food Allergies
  • Fewer Bedwetting Incidents
  • Fewer Ear Infections and Sinus Congestion

Is it Safe to Take a Child to a Chiropractor?

Yes, there is significant amount of modern evidence that states chiropractic care for children is completely safe. It is a natural, drug-free solution to ensure bones and joints are in proper alignment as your children grow, and to address pain from:

Signs and Symptoms of Neck Strain for Children

Children are now on digital devices or screens an average of 7.5 hours a day. This is an unhealthy habit which translates into time spent watching T.V., on computers and tablets, playing video games, or using social media apps on smartphones.

Children are excessively looking down at screens and leaning forward, which can lead to developing poor posture and straining both neck and back muscles and affecting the spine. Adding to that physical strain on the neck and back is the weight of your child’s backpack, which should average no more than 10 to 20% of his or her weight.

Children are developing what is called ‘tech neck’ and it’s a true health concern. Here are pain symptoms which a Children’s Chiropractor could resolve:

  • Nagging or sharp pain in the neck and shoulders
  • General shoulder pain and tightness
  • Slight or constant headache which worsens when child is looking down or using the computer

It’s recommended that parents bring their children twice a year to see a children’s chiropractor for a general check-up. Especially, if they’ve suffered any sports-related injury or concussion, had a physical mishap or fall, or were a passenger in a car accident.

Why Leigh Brain & Spine Chiropractor in Chapel Hill?

Dr. Cosmas Leigh works with children’s chiropractic issues and is a pioneer in spinal decompression. He has been serving people with a wide variety of health challenges within the RTP area. Our Chiropractic center is the only chiropractic practice with the DRX9000C™, a spinal decompression device that’s non-invasive and provides fast relief. It’s used to treat a variety of conditions for people of all ages, including children.