New Year, New You

Happy New Year! I love, love, love the New Year. A fresh start with the intrigue of what the next year has in store. So exciting!

Did you know that you can trick your brain into keeping your New Year’s Resolutions and that it is actually MORE powerful and healthier than the old school way of making resolutions. It will be fun to work toward your goal instead of what can sometimes add more stress to your life because you have more “to do”. Here it is…

Resolve to accomplish a feeling and not a task. Ok, what the heck does that mean? When I make my resolutions I figure out how I want to feel by accomplishing my goal and that becomes the goal in and of itself. So, if you “want to lose weight” (old resolution) the actual goal is to feel stronger, more vibrant and energized (new goal). The feeling is the goal. Here are a few more

Old Goal          New Goal

Lose Weight                             Feel Stronger, energized, vibrant

Make more money                  Feel Abundant (being able to have more money to spend and give)

Decrease Stress                       Feel Calmer

Take a Vacation                       Feel Relaxed and Balanced

Find a Mate                             Feel More Love

Stop Drinking                         Feel More Vitality

Now try it yourself. Think about your resolutions and shift them into feelings that you want to attain instead of things you have to do in the New Year and get ready for an inner (and sometimes outer) transformation to occur.