Neurofeedback at Home

Neurofeedback at Home

Although Neurofeedback brain training has been around for a long time, Neurofeedback at home is relatively new. With advances in science and technology, what used to be only offered through large desktop computers can now be accessed through an app on your phone and an on-line, web-based platform for the doctor. That means it is easier than ever to train your brain to reduces anxiety, ADHD, and more. Sciences prove that Neurofeedback at Home helps children to self-regulate at home and at school. Kids showed reduced anxiety, and better ability to control the anxiety they had in multiple environments. Also, blood tests showed that the stress hormone, Cortisol, was even produced with lower levels.

What is Home Neurofeedback?

An advancement of the traditional approach of biofeedback is Neurofeedback. However, biofeedback enables a person to use information about how their breathing, muscles, or heart rate was functioning to think about and control the body’s response. Therefore, it no longer requires the person to actively think about the body. Now, with scientific advancements, information about the brain’s performance is fed back to the person’s brain so that it can improve itself. The person doesn’t even have to be aware of the process.

How Do I Know if Home Neurofeedback is Right for Me?

You can use your phone and a specialized app for our Brain Shift Home Neurofeedback program. In the app, the first step is your Brain Map. It works like this. Your brain’s speeds are read using a high tech. brain sensing headband. This headband uses Electroencephalogram (EEG) to determine which speeds your brain is using the most of. Your brain is using mostly extra fast speed High Beta. High Beta speed creates and perpetuates the feeling of anxiousness and stress if you suffer from anxiety

If you struggle with ADHD, your brain is using too much Theta, slow brain speed. In fact, the headband and app take readings of 31 brain performance parameters. You’ll see with your own eyes exactly how you’re your brain is performing. You can see the areas that need improvement to make your brain work better, so you feel and perform better. You can see your brain map immediately after it is performed, at home, by you, with our team’s assistance. Our teenage children performed their own brain maps without any assistance. It is that easy. The app walks you through the entire process after our team sets you up for success.

How Does Home Neurofeedback Work?

It works like this. Once Dr. Leigh interprets and analyzes your brain map for you, then you completely understand what the goals are for your Neurofeedback at Home Brain Shift program. For anxiety, it is likely we will be reducing High Beta use and increasing Alpha medium speed for calm focus. For ADHD, Theta slow speed will be decreased so you can focus and think better.

Neurofeedback uses high tech., easy to use, equipment, to read how your brain is performing and teach it to perform better, while you relax and watch videos. I know what you are thinking, that makes no sense. In fact, it does. The movie is designed to give your mind something to do to relax. Don’t like movies? There are games you can play too. When you are more relaxed and engaged, your brain becomes more neuroplastic. This means that your brain is easier to adapt and improve. Movies are important to help Neurofeedback work as well as possible for you.  

What is Included in the Home Neurofeedback Brain Shift Program?

Included in the program is a high tech. state-of-the-art brain sensing headband that you can keep when your Neurofeedback at Home program is complete. You will learn how to use it to maintain your gains with Dr. Trish Leigh, at no cost, after your Neurofeedback program. You will receive a sensor and access to our specialized Leigh Brain & Spine Brain Shift program app. In the app, you receive daily feedback in the form of charts and graphs that use data to let you know exactly how you are doing in your program. You’re able to see improvement after every session. On top of that, you will meet with Dr. Trish one time a month to show you a detailed graph of your progress. In the coaching session, Dr. Trish Leigh will give you strategies and techniques to take your progress one step further.

Want More Information?

You can learn more information about Brain Mapping at Home and Home Neurofeedback visit Dr. Trish Leigh’s YouTube Channel for hundreds of videos on the topic.

How Do I Start?

It is easier and more convenient than ever to get started with Neurofeedback at Home. If you are interested in our Brain Shift program, put your information below and a member of our highly trained team will contact you within 24 hours.