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neurofeedback will treat anxiety

3 Reasons Why Neurofeedback Will Treat Your Anxiety Better Than Other Methods

Feeling overwhelmed and want to know if Neurofeedback will treat your anxiety? Perhaps, it feels like nagging thoughts and constant worrying will never fully go away. It probably feels like you cannot turn your brain off. You’re restless, you can’t sleep, and you can’t focus. Your anxiety won’t leave you alone.  Anxiety can be a...

seasonal affective disorder

Neurofeedback for Seasonal Affective Disorder

qEEG Brain Mapping to Identify Seasonal Affective Disorder My husband, Dr. Cosmas Leigh, and our awesome team at Leigh Brain & Spine help people overcome SAD all winter long. If you struggle with SAD or The Winter Blues and cannot use any of the suggestions above, you probably are using a brain pattern that is...

Golf Exercises to Improve your Game

Golf Exercises to Improve Your Game in Chapel Hill

Can you really use golf exercises to improve your game? YES! Many people think that if their game isn’t up to par it is because of poor golf swing mechanics on the course. Most times it is due to muscle weakness and inflexibility in general. Improving these issues can help your golf swing. The best...

Slipped Disc Treatment

What to do about a Slipped Disc

A slipped disc can cause pain, frustration, and anguish for the person who suffers from it. If left untreated, a slipped disc can  cause massive problems over time. Dr. Cosmas Leigh has first hand experience with this. When he met his wife, Dr. Trish Leigh, her mother suffered from chronic neck and back pain. Upon...


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