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4 Ways Daylight Savings Time Messes with Your Brain & What to Do About it

Daylight Savings began this past weekend, in the wee hours of the night between Saturday and Sunday morning. It is Thursday and I know I am still suffering and my children are suffering too. It has been like waking 5 zombies from the dead this past week. The Universe even buffered the situation for us with a snow day on Monday (we were already in the car when we found out, but glad not to have to make it through a work/school day). Tuesday was a 2-hour delay, thank you Universe for letting us sleep in, but, Wednesday and Thursday have been brutal. Did you know that shifting from daylight savings time has actually been proven to seriously disrupt the functioning of your brain and body. Check out the list below and a DIY Tip for keeping/getting yourself back on track.

helping adults with adhd

5 Ways to Deal with Adult ADHD

If you struggle with Adult ADHD and feel like it is running, or perhaps ruining, your life. Then check out these strategies. They seem simple, but they work and they are all brain-based and backed by Science to prove their effectiveness.

decrease misophonia chapel hill durham

Misophonia: Why it Happens and How to Decrease it.

If you have ever sat by someone eating chips and wanted to rip the bag out of their hand, you have experienced a lesser form of Misophonia, sound sensitivity, a type of Auditory Processing Disorder. The crinkling of the bags and the sound of the person crunching and chewing is enough to send you out...


Simple Steps to Recover from a Car Accident as Fast as Possible

Been in a car wreck or accident lately? Possibly just a fender bender at low speeds. Car accidents are the number one reason that people get whiplash injuries that can cause them pain, limited movement and substantial decrease in quality of life for a long time if not properly treated.

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