Is Home Neurofeedback Effective?

Well, I am glad you asked if home neurofeedback is effective because it has never been so effective than ever before. Let me tell you why?

Science shows that there are two main factors that make Home Neurofeedback effective. However, this is beyond working with highly trained professionals. That is obvious to me and to you. The newest studies show that (1) the highest level equipment and (2) frequent and consistent sessions. At the beginning of a program, are the two most powerful factors in creating success with neurofeedback. 

The Brain Shift at Home Neurofeedback program at Leigh Brain & Spine offers those factors plus more. First, you have your brain map performed at home. In fact, perform your own brain map with our team’s assistance in under 28 minutes. You will see your results immediately, and Dr. Leigh interprets and analyzes them for you. If you would like to see what you can learn from your home brain map, visit Dr. Trish Leigh’s YouTube playlist on Home Brain Mapping HERE

How to have Success with Home Neurofeedback 

Neurofeedback works to change the way the brain is performing. For anxiety, it reduces the amount of High Beta, extra fast, stress speed your brain is making. For ADHD, it decreases the amount of slow speed Theta that creates distraction and lack of focus. 

Once your brain is performing better, then it is ready to use strategies and techniques to make it work even better for longer. Dr. Trish Leigh is a certified Brain Health Coach, who provides coaching for you when your brain is operating in a mode for calm focus. You can feel better faster and get the results you are looking for. 

Effectiveness of Home Neurofeedback 

Neurofeedback has been shown to be highly successful for a variety of conditions since the 1960s, to read a detailed study on how its effectiveness is being measured and improved to visit a new study HERE. The study shows that not only does Neurofeedback produce real effects for the person in regard to behaviors. Also produces real improvements in brain performance. This is the key to lasting change.

With new technology, a handful of doctors who are at the head of the practice of Neurofeedback are trained to identify irregular brain patterns that cause ADHD, anxiety, and more Ten using Neurofeedback. Train your brain to improve the way it performs to reduce these symptoms and increase your quality of life. 

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

You can visit our recent post on how Home Neurofeedback works, for more information. If you would like to know specifically how you can use it for your personal benefit, enter your contact information below. One of our highly trained team members will contact you soon to discuss your situation with you.