Hidden Spinal Decompression Benefits You Didn’t Know

Spinal Decompression is a gentle, non-surgical procedure done by a state-of-the-art comprehensive decompression system. This procedure conducted by experienced and licensed doctors helps with chronic pain, nerve impingement, mobility limitations, and disc injuries. 

 If you experienced back pain, neck pain, numbness, discomfort in extremities, seek pregnancy or postpartum care, then Spinal Decompression therapies may help. Here are 4 Hidden Benefits of Spinal Decompression that restore the quality of life for thousands of people.

Non-Surgical Procedure That Gently Pulls Your Body To Heal 

Spinal Decompression with a decompression system helps the body heal by creating space between vertebrae which can help restore lost functionality. It works because the patient receives a gentle pulling force to decompress the spine. Discs have room to heal and move back into the proper position in doing so. As a result, the pain diminishes when discs move back where they belong.

Creates Blood Flow And Provides Nutrients To The Injured Area

Proper positioning of the discs improves blood flow and nutrients to the injured area and allows the disc to heal. Spinal Decompression helps blood flow which lubricates the discs and other joints to reduce the damage done by lack of lubrication.

Relieves Nerve Impingement 

Spinal Decompression helps relieve nerve impingement which allows the spine and surrounding tissue to heal. Spinal Decompression helps greatly with mobility problems caused by back pain, leg pain, or other symptoms brought on by nerve impingement. This procedure stabilizes the spine to improve the function of the muscles surrounding the affected area. 

Relief For Body Pains

Spinal Decompression helps with some forms of arthritis, herniated discs, degeneration of the spine, and sciatica which all work to cause pain in different body areas. The spinal disc acts as a `pillow` between the vertebrae of your spine.

A herniated disc is a spinal condition in which the spinal disc material has extruded through the vertebrae and out into one of the spinal canals. This condition can cause pain, pressure, and other symptoms depending on the location of the herniated disc.

Herniated discs result from a tear in one or more fibers that hold together the jelly-like central portion of the spinal disc. The spinal disc can bulge out and irritate nearby nerves that pass through or near that spinal level as it weakens. With Spinal Decompression, the computerized biofeedback interface tells the doctors where to focus the gentle force and provide relief. As a result, bulging or herniated discs may `pull back`, taking pressure off nerves and other structures in your spine. 

Find Relief With Spinal Decompression Services

These benefits of Spinal Decompression improve a range of motion and decrease pain, increasing flexibility and strength in the back, neck, and extremities resulting in less time away from work or other regular activities. Studies have shown that 85% of the patients with back pain felt better after Spinal Decompression therapies. 

Leigh Brain & Spine are doctors with more than 20 years of experience. They specialize in spine decompression procedures for injuries such as pinched nerves, sciatica, damaged or degenerative discs, or the lumbar or cervical spine syndromes, among other injuries or chronic pain. 

With Spinal Decompression, the therapy provides precisely what your body needs to feel and perform better. Dr. Leigh makes an individualized treatment plan for each patient. For more information, contact Leigh Brain & Spine today.