Heal ADHD, Anxiety, and Pain. It’s True.

Meet Sizzles. He is our Mascot to share with people that we can help you heal ADHD, Anxiety, and Pain without Medications.

Some people don’t love me using the word “heal” ADHD, anxiety, and pain. But, I think the word heal is perfect for what we do. If you cut your finger, it will heal if you push it in the right direction. You might put a band-aid on it. If it is worse than that, you might need stitches. However, when it is pushed in the right direction, your body will HEAL itself.

As Dr. Norman Doidge describes in his two best-selling books, the brain can heal itself. With his latest book being entitled, The Brain’s Way of Healing, he specifically describes Neurofeedback as being an important treatment modality for pushing the brain in the right direction.

How Can I Help ADHD and Anxiety?

ADHD and Anxiety are proven by science to be caused by neurological differences in brain performance. Essentially, an ADHD brain is running too slow. So that is what causes distractibility and difficulty attending. Although a lack of focus and the need for self-stimulation by talking moving, or being excitable is necessary for the person with an ADHD brain type. Anxiety comes from a brain that is running too fast. Therefore, causes racing thoughts, fear, overdrive, and constant go, go, going. For more information, you can read about the brain performance patterns on the pages about ADHD and Anxiety. Neurofeedback Brain Training has been proven to change the underlying brain performance pattern that causes these challenges. Meanwhile, Neurofeedback improves the brain, making it perform better so you perform better. Making you feel better too.

The doctors at Leigh Brain & Spine care about helping people to improve their anxiety and focus. It is their mission.

So, Why Sizzles to represent ADHD, Anxiety, and Pain?

Drs. Cosmas & Trish Leigh are super passionate about helping people with these challenges. What people don’t know, and definitely don’t want to hear, is that their cellphone use is making all of these conditions worse. Sizzles “out-of-order sign” on his head represents brain issues, like ADHD and Anxiety, worsening with screen time use. The services that the Drs. Leigh offer can offset screen time effects on your brain. It is even more important today than ever.

The lightning bolts on Sizzles neck represent the worsening neck and back problems that people are suffering from due to cell phone use. Children are developing with a reverse curve in their neck which gives their neck a humped appearance. This is big stuff. Kids need to see Dr. Cosmas Leigh gets that curve back in the shape it should be in. With his unique, high-tech, posture exam, Dr. Leigh can identify what exactly is happening with the curve in your neck. Then he can correct it with his effective Posture Correction program.