Dos & Don’ts Before Your Brain Mapping Session

Brain mapping is an essential tool for understanding the human brain. It can help doctors diagnose and treat disorders, as well as study brain function. There are many benefits to brain mapping, including improved patient care, discoveries about the brain, and advances in neuroscience. 

If you’re interested in getting your brain functions analyzed with this modern and non-invasive procedure, here’s what you need to do to prepare yourself for your brain mapping session.

Before Your Brain Mapping Session, You Should…

  • Get Enough Sleep The Day Before It’s better if you’re not tired on the day of your session. Your brain has to be well-rested and your mind as active as possible. Avoid sleeping pills or any sleeping medication because this can affect your results.
  • Avoid Alcoholic Drinks Alcohol affects the brain’s controlling cognitive and motor functions, causing them to slow down. This can also affect the outcome of your results.
  • Ask About Any Medications Medications that might alter brain activity should be discontinued well ahead of time, but this isn’t usually required. Sedatives, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and epilepsy medications are examples of drugs that might affect the test. These can impact the test, but it’s best to consult your doctor first.
  • Avoid Consuming Caffeine For 12 hours before the exam, do not eat or drink anything containing caffeine. This includes Coca-Cola, energy drinks, and chocolate. These drinks can only sometimes affect the results, but not always. Still, caffeine is a central-nervous-system stimulant, and it decreases cerebral blood flow, inducing relative brain hypoperfusion.

Reliable Brain Mapping Sessions In Chapel Hill

At Leigh Brain and Spine, we guide you through the entire process of mapping your brain. From brain mapping preparation to reading your results, our expert staff will be there to help you. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed during the session to have the best possible outcomes. All our sessions are children-friendly too!

Doctors Cosmas and Trish Leigh have years of experience and knowledge in the brain and spine field. Every service we offer at Leigh Brain and Spine has been adapted for our customers’ complete satisfaction and health.