Suffering from Chronic Upset Stomach & Digestion Problems?

Why do you feel sick when you eat certain, or all, foods, It is your body’s immune system response to a food that does not agree with you. It’s a natural defense against harmful foreign substances, so your stomach reacts to specific foods that upset it. If your stomach hurts when you eat almost any food, then your stomach is not healthy and needs a gut repair so that the environment is suitable to digest food.

Researchers demonstrate that this inflammatory response in the body can increase certain symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating, tiredness, constipation, diarrhea, cramping, eczema, headaches and migraines. A food sensitivity test can tell you if certain foods are upsetting your system and if your gut needs to be cleaned up so it is in better shape to digest all foods.

At Leigh Brain & Spine, Dr. Cosmas Leigh focuses on helping people figure out how food is affecting them and then fixing the problem. Dr. Leigh uses state-of-the-art food sensitivity testing using IgG Response, a quick and easy (and painless) dried blood spot collection.

This is an easy finger prick for patients and only takes a minute during an office visit. No blood draw is necessary offering a non-invasive, easy procedure that offers a wealth of information about how foods are impacting your body.

Once Dr. Leigh discovers your nutritional and gastrointestinal needs, a specific nutritional plan will be made for you. The nutritional plan can include the elimination of certain foods from your diet, and the introduction of specific nutritional supplements to support the needs of your body.


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