Many people in the Raleigh Durham area suffer from seasonal allergies in the Spring or Fall.

Some people suffer from allergies all year long. Most people think allergies are caused by particular substances such as grass, trees, pollen, dairy, and peanuts. This of course is not the case or everyone would have allergies to each one of these items. Then why do some people have allergies to some substances?

What Causes Allergies?

The first thing that must be understood is that our brain controls all activities and structures in our body. This happens through the communication pathways in our spine. These nerves, originating in the brain, exit through spaces in the spinal column to supply every structure in your body with the message from the brain. If the communication is blocked by any factor, most commonly misalignment of bones in your spine, dysfunction of that structure supplied by that nerve occurs. In the case of allergies, the nerves supplying the immune system have been damaged by the bones in your spine causing them to be hyperactive. Where in a person with a healthy aligned spine would be able to adapt to a stressor such as an allergen, a person with nerve interference due to a spinal misalignment is threatened and unable to adapt. This helps explain why one person eating seafood at a restaurant may break out in a rash or have a wild fit of sneezing, and another person eating the same food simply enjoys their dinner.

To avoid or reduce allergic reactions keep your spine aligned. Dr. Cosmas Leigh at Leigh Brain & Spine has been trained not to directly treat allergies, but to locate these areas in the spine that may be causing the interference that is contributing to the development of the symptoms. Through a careful evaluation of the spine, Dr. Leigh will locate the specific abnormalities and carefully align them to restore proper nervous system function. If you are interested in addressing the cause of your allergies and the possibility of eliminating the potential for a life full of antihistamines and allergy shots, please contact our Leigh Brain & Spine office today.