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How to Overcome Stress.

The qEEG brain map to the right shows a brain that is suffering from stress, due to over use of fast processing speed (orange areas). When the brain is using fast speed it will create the physical response of a fast mind and body. A fast mind races and obsesses on thoughts and a fast body buzzes around. Science proves that people become addicted to the feeling of fastness, making it even harder to break the anxious, stressful patterns. Unfortunately, for many people this can lead to burn-out or depression.

This brain map can be changed and improved. When the brain’s fastness is reduced, your mind and body become calmer and more relaxed. Your productivity, mood, and happiness can improve too.

Stress is impacting our society more and more these days, and is affecting students worse than ever. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that it is the most common mental health challenge that is harming Americans with more than 40 million adults suffering and 1 in 8 children are suffering from stress.

Most people do not realize that many other health problems that they suffer from are a product of stress. Just to name a few, the following health conditions are directly related to stress: headaches, sleep problems, eating disorders, bowel problems, learning challenges, and chronic pain. Check out the fact sheet at

At Leigh Brain it is our mission to help children and adults reduce their stress and live happy full lives. Through the power of neuroscience and technology your brain can be regulated out of an anxious state into a calm-focused state for a healthy, happy life. Dr. Trish Leigh will perform a simple and enjoyable assessment of your brain pattern to determine exactly how your brain function can be improved to improve your life. Call (919) 401-9933 today or enter your email in the box to receive more information on exactly how our services work.


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