Understanding Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback

To the right is a picture of a Before and After Brain Map. The Before picture shows pockets of fast (red and yellow) and slow (blue) processing speed. If any area of your brain is running too fast or too slow it will create challenges and struggles in your life, like ADHD/ADD, anxiety, memory loss, and more. The map on the right shows those areas now regulated to the correct processing speed. This results in better performance, higher productivity, improved mood, and less stress.

Neurofeedback Treatment Is So Effective; Look Who Is Recommending It As A Best Level Support

  • American Academy of Pediatrics – For ADHD
  • American Psychological Association – Clinical Efficacy
  • FDA Regulated for Stress Reductio

Dealing with ADHD, anxiety, concussion and memory loss, Neurofeedback treatment will help.

What to Expect from Dr. Trish Leigh During Neurofeedback Treatments:

During the neurofeedback treatment sessions, our experts apply sensors to the scalp to see brain energy pattern activity which indicates how the brain is functioning and what is needed to improve functioning. Then the signal from the brain is processed in a special way by a state-of-the-art computer and then important information about certain key energy patterns is extracted for analysis by the professionals. The ebb and flow of brain functioning is shown back to the person through audio and visual feedback. Al the while the person is enjoying their time relaxing and watching a movie. The person’s brain, many times without the person consciously knowing, changes the activity level of the energy toward better performance, thus changing the person’s outward functioning. Some frequencies receive feedback in order to be promoted, or used more. Others received feedback to be diminished. Over time, with practice, the neurological energy activity is “shaped” toward more desirable, more regulated performance. The frequencies that are targeted, and the specific locations on the scalp where the brain is shaped, are specific to the individual’s needs based upon the initial neurodiagnostic, qEEG Brain Map information that was obtained.

Depending upon the degree and severity of your condition, expected results span from modest improvements to total alleviation of symptoms. At Leigh Brain and Spine, we support the notion that what might seem like small improvements many times are considered huge gains for patients and their families. Many times it is that just right difference that can change your life 100% by giving you and your family the quality of life you desire and deserve. Call (919) 401-9933 today for an evaluation to get started.

Is Neurofeedback Proven to be Effective?

YES! Actually it is a resounding yes as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association have both endorsed Neurofeedback as a top level clinical treatment and the FDA has regulated it for stress reduction.

NASA uses neurofeedback to train astronauts. The US military uses it to train their Special Forces, and have adopted neurofeedback as a new intervention for PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Is Your Program the Same for Everyone?

No. Each person’s program is individualized for their specific needs based upon their specific brain map that is interpreted by a licensed and certified Neurodevelopmental Specialist. On-going care is supervised at all times by Dr. Leigh, Board Certified Neurofeedback Doctor. We offer many types of brain-based treatments and we will discuss which one or combination of treatments would serve your needs best. You will be working one-on-one with the professionals at Leigh Brain and Spine who will monitor and assist your progress, working with you to assure best results.

What is Neurofeedback like?

Sessions are quite pleasant. One child even asked to have his birthday party at Leigh Brain and Spine. Dr. Leigh informed him that we don’t do that (yet!).
Patients recline comfortably in a chair while watching a brain-generated movie that reacts to their brain energy status. Through visual and auditory feedback, your brain learns how to quiet brain energy associated with low performance and increase energy associated with optimal brain function. Just like physical exercise strengthens and develops specific muscles, the more your brain is exercised into reaching a new, more efficient operating mode, the better and stronger it gets at it. Like any new skill, it simply requires feedback and practice.

Is Neurofeedback Safe?

Yes. Neurofeedback is completely non-intrusive and safe. In the same way that muscles strengthen after use, neurofeedback strengthens neural-pathways with specifically tailored exercises. It is simply a learning technique. In the 50 year history of neurofeedback, nobody has ever been harmed.

Neurofeedback Have Side Effects?

No. Because neurofeedback is essentially structured exercises for your brain, the term ‘side effect’ isn’t applicable in the same sense as for medications. Unlike medication, nothing is put into the body or brain.

What Results are Expected from Neurofeedback?

Your Goals…Your Gains. We create and implement your training to meet your goals, and you can expect to meet those goals. Most people report a reduction in their challenges and a happier, calmer, more balanced version of themselves. We like to describe the gradual organic set of changes that happens as the “qualitative, subtle shift” that can drastically improve the quality of your life. Many people report a feeling of being more comfortable in their own skin; confident, feeling more like themselves – alert and relaxed, alive and quiet all at the same time.


Brain Regulation – The Key to Heal ADHD, Anxiety and more!

Brain regulation is how to heal ADHD, anxiety, behaviors, and more! If you suffer from ADHD or anxiety then your brain is dysregulated. A dysregulated brain pattern causes the symptoms associated with ADHD and anxiety such as distraction, lack of focus, hyperactivity, struggles with work, and feeling stressed out.

Learn more about how Dr. Trish Leigh at Leigh Brain and Spine can identify if your brain is dysregulated, what type of dysregulated pattern(s) you have and what can be done to heal it… permanently without medications.

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