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ADHD in Children Treatment Center

If your child struggles with ADHD, our certified Neurofeedback doctors at Leigh Brain & Spine can perform the proper testing needed in order to create a treatment plan for a better way of life.

Can My Child Overcome ADHD?

Child ADHD not only impacts the child who has it, but their whole family. Children with ADHD/ADD struggle in school, with friends, and at home. This is because of the mode in which their brain is operating. ADHD is caused by a brain that is running too slow (underactive as described in the picture to the right). The slow processing speed causes lack of focus and difficulty staying on task.  Forgetfulness and difficulty following through on intended tasks happens too. This pattern can also lead to anxiety over time and can make it very difficult for children to reach their full potential.

This brain map shows the brain pattern that is at the root of ADHD. It can be changed and improved. When the slowness is reduced, your child’s mind and body become calmer and more focused. Their performance in school improves. Their ability to get organized at home increases while their mood improves from being successful.

What is Child ADHD?

ADHD is the most common childhood neurobehavioral challenge. This means that it is caused by the child’s brain and affects the child’s behavior. The ADHD Institute has measured the occurrence of ADHD as between 5.29% and 7.1% worldwide. The United States at the upper end of that scale.

Many parents feel like they have no other option but to medicate their child. This simply is not true. Research has shown the harmful and damaging effects of stimulant medication on children, even at low doses for average treatment times. Neurofeedback Training is a proven method to reduce ADHD symptoms for the long-term.

Class 2 psychotropic drugs have been used to ease the symptoms of ADHD. Some of the common names of these drugs that you may be more familiar with are Ritalin and Adderal. You may be shocked to find out that these commonly prescribed medications to our children are in the same class of drugs as cocaine and meth-amphetamines. These drugs only work when in a child’s body.

Medications are used to speed up the child’s brain for the time they are in their body. Unfortunately, their are many long-term side effects that can harm your child. These drugs are legally classified as controlled substances because the side effects can be devastating ranging from increased aggression, development of motor tics, and irregular heart rate.

Does Child ADHD Go Away?

Studies also show that if ADHD is not properly treated during childhood, ADHD will persist for life. Children with ADHD grow up to have a higher incidence of big problems in adulthood such as the inability to get and keep a job, substance abuse and addiction, and even higher rates of incarceration.

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD or if you are like many parents we work with who are trying to avoid a diagnosis, call us we can help. At Leigh Brain & Spine, Dr. Leigh will help you change your child’s life path. Dr. Leigh is highly trained and will conduct a comprehensive brain-based assessment to determine the root of your child’s attention and behavior challenges and then will guide you in making the best decisions for your child’s long term success.

The first step in the evaluation is a qEEG Brain Map. IT is like an X-ray of your child’s brain. It shows the doctors what is needed to improve the way your child’s brain is performing to improve his behavior, performance, and how he feels.


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