Adult Adhd Success Story

True Story:

Flying South for New Life After Neurofeedback For Better Productivity

(Shared with Permission, M. F., 42 Years Old)

True success story of adult ADHD. Matt came to Leigh Brain and Spine after 9 months of unemployment. After being let go from another job, he was down and out and feeling desperate. You see, Matt was fired because his behaviors kept getting him in trouble, not intentionally, but he couldn’t seem to get things right.

Like so many people with Adult ADHD, Matt was disorganized, late on projects, he’d lose focus in meetings and miss key points. He would blurt out ideas that just weren’t relevant, almost uncontrollably, irritating everyone and wasting valuable time. He just wasn’t getting his job done.

His boss and colleagues actually liked him quite a bit, but they needed him to work. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to and he was let go. It was very hard for his wife and his family which really made Matt feel terrible.

Then Matt came to Leigh Brain and Spine. He was frustrated and felt like a loser. After seeing the results of his qEEG Brain Map, the evaluation that showed him how is brain was performing, he actually felt better. He was motivated and hopeful for the first time in a long time.

His Brain Map showed that he had a really significant ADHD brain pattern. His brain’s processing speed was working extremely slow, causing all of his behaviors. Dr. Leigh explained to him that all of this slowness was like his brain using the brake when it should just be using the gas pedal. Taking the foot of his brain’s brake is exactly what he needed to perform and feel better. This is precisely what Neurofeedback Therapy was designed to do. It is even endorsed by the American Psychological Association as a Best Level Support for ADHD. Matt was an excellent candidate for Neurofeedback Therapy and signed up for the program a few days later.

His visits were great. He relaxed while his brain got stronger. After each session he could see the graph that the computer produced showing his progress. He could see his brain’s speed improving. Seeing it was one thing, feeling it was whole other thing. He began to feel sharper, less fuzzy. He also began to feel calmer, less jittery. After every session he could feel himself becoming calmer and more focused. It was remarkable.

With his new found clarity, Matt flew south to apply for the job of his dreams in a town he loves. He felt cool and confident, clear and concise, during the interview. Wouldn’t you know it, he nailed it. He got the job!

Matt shifted his brain through Neurofeedback and his life through the improvements it gave him.

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