By Dr. Patricia Leigh

Chapel Hill Neck Pain Treatment

Top 5 Causes of Acute Neck Pain

There’s a reason something that’s frustrating is often called “a pain in the neck.” Even short-term pain can have a significant, negative impact on your life.  Today, we want to look at what’s causing your acute neck pain in Chapel Hill so you can take the steps to reduce your discomfort and reclaim your life.

winter back pain

3 Tips to Help Winter Back Pain

Winter has come early in sunny Chapel Hill, North Carolina this year. We are all already feeling it in our backs and necks. Follow these 3 easy tips to prevent back pain, improve it, and feel better all winter long.

car accident help chapel hill

Simple Steps to Recover from a Car Accident as Fast as Possible

Been in a car wreck or accident lately? Possibly just a fender bender at low speeds. Car accidents are the number one reason that people get whiplash injuries that can cause them pain, limited movement and substantial decrease in quality of life for a long time if not properly treated.


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