what is neurofeedback like

What is a Neurofeedback Session Like?

Today let’s talk about what a Neurofeedback session is like. In this post, I have included a video from my YouTube channel that is an oldie but a goodie. In it, I discuss the fundamentals of a Neurofeedback session to improve ADHD, Anxiety, and More. Neurofeedback is a technology that meets neuroscience that can heal...

heal adhd, anxiety, and pain

Heal ADHD, Anxiety, and Pain. It’s True.

Meet Sizzles. He is our Mascot to share with people that we can help you heal ADHD, Anxiety, and Pain without Medications. Some people don’t love me using the word “heal” ADHD, anxiety, and pain. But, I think the word heal is perfect for what we do. If you cut your finger, it will heal...

Speech Therapy Chapel Hill, NC

Looking for Brain-based Speech Therapy in Chapel Hill NC? Look no further. Speech Therapy, formally called Speech-Language Pathology, can include a variety of services all provided by a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist, informally called Speech Therapy. Services can include speech and language therapy to help young children begin to speak, improve the way their...


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