Behavioral Issues

By Dr. Trish Leigh


Crank Up the Power: 3 Ways to Use Your Brain Deliberately

Do you actually consider the way you “use your brain?” I do. I am acutely aware of how I am using my brain at all times. I am also aware of its impact on me. Here is an awesome tip to increase your self-awareness of your brain use and then to plan how you will...

adhd awareness month

Rough First Weeks of School for Kids with ADHD?

Back-to-School Survival Tips for Parents Back to school can be tough for many kids and even more so for kids with ADHD and their parents. Transitions, such as changes in peers, teachers and environment, can make things much worse. Check out these survival tips to help your child and yourself through the first month of...

Happy Kid Playing in Park

Control. Why we need it and how we can get it.

Control. One word can mean so much to each every one of us. When we have control in our decisions, days, and lives, everything is better. To grasp a little bit more control in your life, especially if you feel like you are running a hamster wheel (like I can feel many days), take control...

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