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what is neurofeedback like

What is a Neurofeedback Session Like?

Today let’s talk about what a Neurofeedback session is like. In this post, I have included a video from my YouTube channel that is an oldie but a goodie. In it, I discuss the fundamentals of a Neurofeedback session to improve ADHD, Anxiety, and More. Neurofeedback is a technology that meets neuroscience that can heal...

cell phone use bad for back

Cell Phone Use Bad For Your Back

You probably already know it, and honestly, you probably don’t want your fears confirmed but, cell phone use is bad for your back. In fact, it is bad for your brain too, but we will visit that idea later. “Smartphone Slouching” has been shown by research to cause poor posture that can lead to chronic...

what causes headaches

What Causes Headaches?

If you suffer from headaches and neck pain, then you have probably wondered what causes headaches. You are not alone. More and more people struggle with pain because of the sedentary lifestyle most people are living. It is time for a change. You deserve to be pain free and performing your best and there is...


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