heal adhd, anxiety, and pain

Heal ADHD, Anxiety, and Pain. It’s True.

Meet Sizzles. He is our Mascot to share with people that we can help you heal ADHD, Anxiety, and Pain without Medications. Some people don’t love me using the word “heal” ADHD, anxiety, and pain. But, I think the word heal is perfect for what we do. If you cut your finger, it will heal...

ADHD Anxiety Made Worse Electronics

ADHD and Anxiety Behavior Problems Made Worse by Electronic Use

When Stanley came to see us at Leigh Brain & Spine, he had neck pain, headaches, and behavior problems. He was struggling at school, at home, and with peers. That is putting it mildly, he was struggling everywhere. His behaviors were impulsive and getting him into trouble. At home, the morning and afternoon routines were...

neurofeedback will treat anxiety

3 Reasons Why Neurofeedback Will Treat Your Anxiety Better Than Other Methods

Feeling overwhelmed and want to know if Neurofeedback will treat your anxiety? Perhaps, it feels like nagging thoughts and constant worrying will never fully go away. It probably feels like you cannot turn your brain off. You’re restless, you can’t sleep, and you can’t focus. Your anxiety won’t leave you alone.  Anxiety can be a...


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