Simple Steps to Recover from a Car Accident as Fast as Possible

By Dr. Trish Leigh

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Simple Steps to Recover from a Car Accident as Fast as Possible

Been in a car wreck or accident lately? Possibly just a fender bender at low speeds. Car accidents are the number one reason that people get whiplash injuries that can cause them pain, limited movement and substantial decrease in quality of life for a long time if not properly treated.

9year old fetal alcohol syndrome

From the Principal’s office to the Teacher’s Helper Chair.

Michael is 9 years old and has had challenges all of his life. He struggles because he was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and a now has a wide variety of developmental disabilities that he is in the midst of overcoming. His biggest challenge is Executive Function Disorder which makes it difficult for him to stay organized and on task. He also suffers from ADHD which contributes to his difficulty focusing and controlling his impulsive behavior.

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Overuse of ADHD Medications: How is it Harmful for Students and Moms?

College students call ADHD drugs “Cognitive Steroid” while stay-at-home moms call it “Mother’s Little Helper”. Truth be told, neither really benefits from the medications and both are being duped into thinking they are more productive than they are by the drugs’ surge of dopamine production.

Ready to Heal ADHD?

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