5 Ways to Deal with Adult ADHD

If you struggle with Adult ADHD and feel like it is running, or perhaps ruining, your life. Then check out these strategies. They seem simple, but they work and they are all brain-based and backed by science to prove their effectiveness.

If You Have ADHD Make Sure to Get Enough Sleep.

Sleep deprivation and fatigue can make ADHD symptoms worse. This happens because an ADHD brain pattern is one of too much slow processing speed. When you are tired, your brain is running even slower, making your brain pattern, and symptoms, worse.

Get a qEEG Brain Map.

Find out if your brain truly has a pattern for ADHD. Sometimes, it doesn’t. Other times is does and it is significant. Once you see how your brain is running, then you know what you can do to improve its performance and thus your life.

Get Neurofeedback Therapy to Help Your ADHD.

If you are a candidate, based upon your brain map, then have Neurofeedback Therapy. Neurofeedback Therapy improves the processing speed that your brain is using so that it runs better. Running better means that your brain is using faster, more efficient processing speed to get all the things done that you need to. When your brain is running too slow it is hard to focus, stay organized, and juggle responsibilities. When your brain is running at the proper speed it can think calmly, produce work, and get everything done that you need to in a timely fashion.

Keep Stress Levels Down.

Stress can make ADHD symptoms worse. Stress can make everything worse if we are being honest. The reason is that when you are stressed your brain kicks it speed it to extra-fast mode. So if you have ADHD and you are stressed, your brain is running slow and fast simultaneously. Unfortunately, these speeds don’t average to make perfect processing speed. We wish they did. So, your brain is running slow making it difficult for you to take care of your business, and running fast making you feel anxious and stressed on top of it. This is a recipe for disaster.

Take a Breath.

Controlling your impulses is completely contingent on your ability to stop and think before acting. Instead of trying to do that each time something comes up, you must teach yourself a new habit of response to any situation. Instead of responding right away in any situation, take a breath first. By taking a long 5 second to inhale you will put time between the situation at hand and your response. This will improve your ability to use strong Executive Function skills to make better decisions. After 5 seconds has passed, thoughtfully respond, or even better, decide not to.