Get Foot Pain Relief with These 4 Home Remedies

Sore feet affect nearly all of us at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes it is temporary, caused by overextending the tendons during exercise. Often times, standing for long periods while wearing shoes that don’t offer appropriate foot support can cause pain. Other times, foot pain is chronic, due to rheumatoid arthritis or plantar fasciitis. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to find foot pain relief in Chapel Hill. Get Foot Pain Relief with These 4 Home Remedies listed below.

Get Foot Pain Relief with These 4 Home Remedies: Epsom Salt Soak for Soothing Foot Pain Relief

Epsom salt is the common name for magnesium sulfate and is commonly used to ease sore, aching muscles and loosen stiff joints. Adding a half of a cup of epsom salt to a pan of comfortably warm water. Letting your feet soak for around 15 minutes can work wonders. You can also add a cup to bath water for a full body relaxing soak.

For added relief, the lavender essential oil can be added to your foot soak. As its calming, soothing properties can ease tension and provide foot pain relief. 

At-Home Massage for Sore Feet

It’s no surprise that long hours of standing for work, jogging, and pregnancy puts a strain on your feet. And causes aching, a bruised sensation, and swelling. For mild pain and swelling, massaging the area can provide relief for foot pain. 

DIY Foot Massage Technique

  • Press your thumbs into the bottom of your foot and rubbing in circular motions from the heel to the ball of the foot. Pay extra attention to any tense or especially tender areas. 
  • Gently massage the pads of each toe with your thumb
  • Use the heel of your hands to gently rub circles below the ankle and along the tops of the feet

To wake up tired feet and ease the pain in the muscles, add a few drops of peppermint, wintergreen, or camphor essential oil to an unscented massage oil. 

Ice Packs Bring Quick Foot Pain Relief

If inflammation is causing your sore feet, ice is one of the most effective methods to bring down swelling, soothe inflammation, and provide relief. Rolling a frozen water bottle along the arch of your feet can soothe the fascia. The ligament that connects your toes to your heel. If other parts of your feet are hurting or inflamed. Try soaking your foot in a pan of ice and water for brief periods will help the whole foot. 

It’s important to note that ice is better to use when you’re relaxing. Stretching out or exercising on cold tendons and muscles can cause injury. 

Get Foot Pain Relief with These 4 Home Remedies: Wearing Appropriate Foot Support

While it may not cause immediate relief, making sure your feet are well supported can often prevent sore feet. Whether you spend hours at a time on your feet, you exercise regularly, or even if you live a more sedentary lifestyle. When you are standing and walking, supporting your feet is crucial to avoiding pain. 

If you have workout shoes or athletic shoes and the tread is worn, that probably means the support inside is also broken down, and it’s time to replace them. For dress shoes and more casual shoes, well-cushioned insoles can prevent pain. 

Get Professional Foot Pain Relief in Chapel Hill

While at home remedies can be an excellent solution for occasional foot pain, if you’re experiencing pain on a more frequent basis, you may benefit from professional treatment. At Leigh Brain & Spine, we specialize in providing foot pain relief in Chapel Hill to people with foot pain caused by all types of issues. Call us today at 919-401-9933 to schedule an appointment and live life pain free!