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Suffering from Sciatica Pain?

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Emergency room doctors say that sciatica is one of the most common things they encounter each year. Millions of people in America will suffer with the pain of sciatica, and many never achieve a long term solution. Their problem continues to worsen because they have not received the correct treatment. Many people wonder what sciatica feels like. Patients often describe the pain of sciatica as a slight discomfort to the most extreme unbearable pain. Sciatic pain can show up in different areas of the leg and foot, and many times the pain will come and go. Over years of time people tend to go through periods of pain that typically intensify as the problem goes unchecked.

Where Does Sciatica Start?

The pelvic and lumbar spine are usually the areas that a sciatic issue will start from. This area of the spine is very complicated, and it can be difficult to locate the problem. Dr. Cosmas Leigh will be able to work with you to determine the source. From there, Dr. Leigh will work with you to improve the position of the spine and discs.

Some patients say that all they did was bend over to pick up a pencil, and they were hit with extreme pain. They don’t understand how an easy task caused them so much pain? The reality is that their condition was developing over years. That pencil just happened to be the last straw. Most spinal problems don’t happen overnight, they build up over years of time.

How Long Does it Take to Correct Sciatica?

Treatment length can vary significantly from patient to patient. Some people respond very quickly while others take more time to recover. It really depends on the condition of the disc or the joints that the chiropractor has to correct. In most cases, the longer the issue persists, the longer it will take to achieve correction. The great news is that it typically takes less time to fix an issue like this than it took to create it.

In the US the amount of people that end up with back surgery is staggering, and the low success rate is disappointing. It’s estimated that back surgery is only about 15% effective within a five year period of time. That’s simply not good enough for you.

If you are serious about turning this problem around, and avoiding surgery, call our team at Leigh Brain & Spine in Chapel Hill today. We are here to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to helping you get started.

Stop living with Sciatica Pain

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How Can Dr. Cosmas Leigh DC Help with  Sciatica Pain?

Dr. Leigh will Diagnose and provide a treatment plan for you Sciatica Pain. He is able to localize and break down adhesions using his hands. Reducing the adhesions will restore normal strength, flexibility, and movement, eliminating pain and improving the performance of the muscle. He may even recommend spinal decompression as a treatment if needed.